A recommended list of resources about how Ruby is evolving

A recommended list of resources about how Ruby is evolving

As Ruby 3.3 is around the corner, I suggest a list of recommended articles or videos to watch to get up to date with Ruby's evaluation as a language.

This is a partial list of some of the things happening in Ruby. Still, I think it is an excellent start to glimpse how Ruby's programming language is evolving and how much effort the community puts into keeping Ruby a joy to use.


First, I recommend you watch this video where Matz is talking about how he chooses to include in Ruby and about Ruby future:

New language syntax

Then I recommend you read the following series of articles (hint: They are not useless 😀 )


First, I would recommend you read about Object Shapes:

Then I would recommend you read about YJIT:

I think you could also read a good article about Ractors by Julie Kent or watch a presentation about them by Abiodun Olowode.

A more high-level overview

(A shameless plug) I would also recommend my presentation at Friendly.rb this year about The State of the Rubyverse where I try to show various projects happening in Ruby world:

Going deep into details

I would recommend you browse https://rubyreferences.github.io/rubychanges/

It contains a more detailed (with examples) list of changes per each Ruby version.

Then I would recommend the series called Advent of Prism from Kevin Netwon and also watch this video from Takashi Kokubun about RJIT

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