Resources to learn Ruby on Rails 7

A list of free or paid online resources (books, courses, videos) to learn Ruby on Rails 7 with a focus on Hotwire

I shared this first as a thread on Twitter but I think I want to document it also here:

Courses and Trainings by Alexandre Ruban is an online free course (as text) where you will create a full CRUD web app in Rails 7 and add Turbo and Stimulus

Hotwired ATS: Modern, full-stack Rails 7 development by David Colby is a paid full course teaching Rails 7 while building an Application Tracking System to recruitment.

SupeRails Videos by Yaroslav Shmarov is a great collection of videos showing how to build features with Hotwire in Rails. You should browse the entire Youtube channel as it has great Rails videos.

GoRails Hotwire by Chris Oliver is a collection of video tutorials each one explaining various possibilities for Hotwire. While you are there I suggest making an account on GoRails - the best-organized resource for learning basic and advanced Rails.

Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum by Andrea Fomera is a course where you will learn Rails 7 and Hotwire by building a forum. Each lesson is short and easy to follow and it builds up a nice web app.

Hotwire for Rails Developers by Pragmatic Studio is a full course about Rails 7 and Hotwire with a focus on developers that already know Rails but want to speed up learning Hotwire.

Ruby on Rails - Hotwire by Cezar Halmagean has short videos teaching specific topics about Rails and Hotwire. Good explanation, very short videos teaching one single thing at a time.

Recreate Notion in Ruby on Rails by Dr Nic where he tries to recreate Notion in Rails with Hotwire.

Resource Catalogs

Here are two places trying to organise Ruby on Rails resources:


On Twitter there are some big communities that anyone can join:

Discord and Slack

The Spicy Web by Jared White is a "chat room all about indie content publishing & web development".

Kasper helps your Ruby&Rails by Kasper Timm Hansen is a chat room with focused dicussions about development and great suggestions about code architecture, solutions, code quality.

Ruby InfoSecby postmodern is a chat room focused on Ruby & InfoSec: "The goal of this server is to help answer questions, educate others, highlight other Ruby InfoSec projects, and counter anti-Ruby FUD with information"

Ruby on Rails Link is one of the biggest online Ruby community.

Ruby Developers is another Slack group for Ruby developers.

Ruby and Rails info

If you want to discover more resources about Ruby and Rails I recommend to visit that I maintain and try to add fresh resources as soon as they appear.

You should also subscribe to Short Ruby Newsletter at It is a Monday morning summary of the articles, discussions, and news from the Ruby community. I watch a series of places like Twitter,, Reddit, Linkedin,, Ruby LibHunt, and other news sources.

If you know any resources about learning Ruby on Rails 7 with Hotwire or any online communities for Ruby please let me know in a comment below or via twitter @lucianghinda

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