A simple idea of how to grow the Ruby community

A simple idea of how to grow the Ruby community

Creating additional technical material aids in expanding the Ruby community.

As a followup from my article yesterday about Why write technical content on a blog and not only on social media about how I think we can grow the Ruby community:

Write more technical content about Ruby.

Why will this help?

First, more content means more reach and thus will offer more people the chance to learn about Ruby and how we solve problems with Ruby.

Second, it will contribute to having more learning resources. And as more people will write, more diverse writing styles will be and thus better chances for someone to find something that fits their learning style.

Third, will increase the business/tech leads exposure to Ruby and solutions created in Ruby.

On the long term, publishing continuously will have a compound effect on growing our Ruby community.

What to write about?

Anything about how to use Ruby to solve problems. If you don't have any idea, just take any old article and write a fresh version of it.

Here are some more ideas:

  • You can write a small introduction to how to use a web framework, like Rails or Hanami 2 or Sinatra or Roda any other web framework

  • Or you can write how you solved something in your daily job where you work with Ruby. Tell us the problem and the solution

  • Write about how you think people that are learning Ruby or Rails or Hanami or Roda should approach their learning path

  • Write about how you are writing Ruby code, what is important for you and what you like about Ruby

I assure you, YOU have something to write about. Even if other people wrote about the same topic, you must write your own article in your own style. This will add value to the conversation about that specific topic by providing your point of view or writing style.

In general, I recommend you read this blog post by Julia Evans -> Some Blogging Myths


You will say that what's the point of writing such articles now that we have LLMs and maybe people will go to ChatGPT for learning Ruby.

If we don't write fresh content then the next generation of LLMs will be trained on less Ruby content and so it might be less fit to answer questions about Ruby in the future.

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